I (Naomi Jackson) have been writing fantasy since I was age eleven, and have been loving it even longer than that. Inspired by CS Lewis (who isn't?!) and influenced by the great children's authors A A Milne and E B White and so many more, I became passionate about quality children's fantasy, written to awe and encourage, rather than shock and tantalize.
I have also always been a passionate letter writer, handwriting letters to multiple friends and family members. I always had great fun decorating the stationary with line drawings, and embellishing the envelopes until they could NEVER be mistaken for bills!
In April of 2017, my debut novel, Hobo Stew, was published. But I still felt that there were so many more stories that I could be telling, but not enough time to write them all into full-length novels. I also was convinced that we readers all want something enjoyable and predictable, that will take the struggle out of the "what do I read?" question. (How many of us either were, or have, that kid who can NEVER find enough well written, age-appropriate books to enjoy?)
Letters from Rheba was inspired when I discovered Shawnee Mill's Letters from Afar. I loved the idea of sending a personalized letter to each reader, telling a little glimpse of an adventure in a way that is tangible, collectible, and supremely enjoyable. It feels sort of like Santa Claus, to be able to send people a little "present" in the mail every month!
Rheba Montague is the 13-year-old narrator of the letters. She is spunky, delightful, and full of curiosity about the world around her. More than anything, she wants to be an author when she grows up, and this journey with her aunt and uncle, as well as the letters she is writing to her friends, is the perfect opportunity to work on her prose.
If you like the idea of a monthly letter subscription and would be interested in one set in the real world, you should totally look into Letters from Afar! Shawnee Mills is an amazing person and her work is beautiful. I can't recommend it enough.